Class Timetable

Grades 7-8
Warning Bell
Period 1
Period 2
Period 3
Grade 8 lunch & Grade 7 recess
Grade 7 lunch & Grade 8 recess
Period 4
Period 5
Period 6
8:00  - 8:10
8:12  - 9:02
9:04  - 9:54
9:56  - 10:46
10:46 -11:08
11:09 -11:31
11:36 -12:26
12:28 -1:18
1:20  - 2:10

Frank Ryan Catholic Intermediate School

Located at 128 Chesterton Dr, Nepean, Ontario, Frank Ryan CIS is part of the Ottawa Catholic School Board. 

Frank Ryan CIS integrates the educational, technological, social and religious needs of our students.  Our School Motto is "Respect and Responsibility".

Steeped in Catholic values, through the meshing of Family, School and Church, our school is a safe, accepting and inclusive school community.

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Inside Frank Ryan CIS

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Catholic Character Formation

Learning Commons
As a centre for collaborative learning and inquiry, reference and research, the Learning Commons encourages students to pursue projects, develop interests and skills, and become knowledgeable and informed members of society. The Learning Commons also offers opportunities for students to complete homework and read for pleasure in a relaxed and studious environment. Staff are available to facilitate the research process and help guide students on their quest for quality sources of information. Staff are also able to support students and staff with technological questions and recommend the best web tools for academic purposes.

Literacy and Academics Corner

Study Skills Review for Grades 7 & 8 Students - Click Here

Please click here for a copy of the top 10 reasons for reading, 

Five of the best quotes from children's literature

School Administration and Staff

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Also, please follow staff accounts highlighted below.

Ms. Julie Mathe, Principal
Mr. K. Ryall, Vice-Principal

Support Staff
Mr.  Barbe, Head Custodian
Mrs.Calkins, Office Administrator
Ms  Kolanko, Office Administrator
Ms  MacDonald,  Library Technician

Chaplaincy Leader
Father Zanon 

Grade 7 Teachers
Mr. Belanger
Mr. Burns and Resource
Ms Dennett
Mr. Forster
Mme Haering
Mr. Mazerolle, Science Imm.    Twitter

Mme Renaud (maternity leave)
Mr. Starcevic

Grade 8 Teachers
Mrs. Larose
Mr.   Peloso
Mme Perron
Mr.   Rozon
Mme Shane
Mr. Sullivan
Mrs. Tratch

Additional Teachers
Ms. Dupuis, ELL/ESL
Mrs. Holland-Rolland, Resource
Mrs. Jardin-Alexander, Student Success/Phys. Ed.
Mr.   McNamara, Phys. Ed.
Mrs. Montgomery, Guidance
Mr.   Morrison, Arts/Drama
Mrs. Nichols, Math/Language Arts