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Important Update: Last Day of Instruction


We ask that you please read this update containing important information and updates. Please be aware that we have been very recently informed by the OCSB that the LAST DAY of Formal instruction will end on Monday June 21st for ALL OCSB students. There will not be any synchronous or asynchronous instruction after June 21st (more information can be found in the memo).

Parent Update for Week of June 2nd

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Earlier this afternoon an email notice from the school board (OCSB) was sent to all parents regarding the provincial government’s announcement today regarding the extension of the school closure (June 2nd Message from OCSB).

All students will continue to learn remotely for the balance of the school year. Our school community will continue to follow the daily structures currently in place. We know that, for many, today’s announcement is disappointing news. We continue to be encouraged by the commitment of all of the members of our school community - our students, staff and parents. We’ve entered the final stretch of the school year and we are confident the effort and dedication will result in a successful conclusion to the year.

As well, here is a copy of the updates that were sent yesterday (includes links to parent registration events)

Thank you.

Parent Update for Week of May 31st


Please click here to view some updates and reminders for the week of May 31st. Included is a registration form for a virtual parent presentation on Tuesday, June 8th at 7:00 p.m. The presentation is brought to you by the Catholic School Councils of Frank Ryan, St.Monica, and St. Gregory and the topic is Children and Youth Anxiety and Resilience. We hope you can attend (virtually). Spots are limited. Click here to register.

As well, in the updates, you will find reminders about Summer school registration and OSTA transportation for the upcoming school year.

Parent Update for Week of May 3rd

Hello Frank Ryan students, parents, and guardians.

I ask that you please click here to view some important updates and reminders for the week of May 3rd-7th.

Some highlights include (but not limited to)

a) Catholic Education Week Updates

b) Information from Ottawa Public Health on Immunization Clinics for grade 7& 8 students (these immunizations are for Human Papillomavirus (HPV), Hepatitis B, and Meningococcal ACYW-135 vaccines) that would normally occur during the school year.

Information from OPH on catch-up clinics (HPV, Hepatitis B, Menigicoccal)

c) Summer School 2021

Message to Students about April Remote Learning

Hello Frank Ryan Students.

As you are aware, next week (April 19th-23rd), we will be doing all of our learning remotely.

Attendance will be taken for every class, so it is important that you log in and participate. If you are absent for any reason, make sure your parent calls the school ahead of time to inform us. On Monday morning, by 11:30 a.m., you will receive an email from your homeroom teacher with a schedule for the week. It will be similar to what we did this past January. The first class will not start until 12:30 on Monday. You will have an opportunity to connect with all your teachers on Monday for about 15 minutes (Day C). For the rest of the week, (Tuesday-Friday), school will begin at 8:00 a.m. and finish at 2:10 p.m. as it has been all year. We will start the day as we always do with Anthem and our daily prayer. Reminder that you need to be logged into your OCSB google account to participate in the class google meets and access your items on Hapara. If you have any questions, make sure you ask your teacher. They want to help you.

Students are encouraged to review the following short video tutorials on Monday morning.

#ocsbHowTo use Google Meet for Students

#ocsbHowTo Troubleshoot Hapara Workspace for Students

Parent Update for Week of April 19th-23rd

Hello Parents & Guardians.

We ask that you please click here to view some updates and reminders for next week as we move into Remote Learning. We ask that you please email ( or call the school (613) 224-8833 if you know your child will not be attending remotely for any particular day/class. Attendance will still be taken daily.

If your child requires a device (eg. chromebook) to participate in remote learning, please call or email the school and we will try to accommodate your request.

Parent Update for Week of January 25th

Please click on the following Update, to read about important upcoming school information for Jan 25th.

Virtual Grade 6 Parent Presentation

We will have a virtual grade 6 parent presentation on FEBRUARY 3rd, 2021. Please see the following LINK for more details.

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